My first 2 months in Bradford, 2 more YEARS to go. Not long ago I have moved from Norway to England, where I am back to being a student! I have started a part-time MA in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies. These 2 last months were intense: I have met many many amazing ppl, especially my flatmates, 11 kind and funny individuals that make my high rent worth paying. I learned my ways around the campus, university and the city. Spent some hours in library, suffered on different fitness classes, enjoyed many great parties and social events, learnt tons of interesting stuff and found two jobs. I like every day I spend here in UK, even though it is not as lovely as Norway, but people are so friendly and polite! I was absolutely shocked the first 10 times strangers called me: “love, darling, honey, duck”. It is an absolute…
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Lemur huggies!
Every time I go to ZOO, SeaWorld or Wildlife Park I ask myself if I should go. The part of me that really loves animals and enjoys watching and learning about them usually wins. Last weekend I went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park and was amazed by the work they do to recreate animals natural habitats. Not many ZOOs or Parks care about captive breeding or the life quality of  animals they keep. But Yorkshire Wildlife Park was different, very progressive and caring, in the same time trying to interest people and children in animals welfare. Whole place was only 5 years “old”, already saved many animals, helped breeding programs and hosts endangered species. It was also the first time I saw a polar bear, his name was Victor and he just retired from breeding programme in Holland. I am not sure if I really saw him though, as he seemed…
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Rehersal for rock concert in Manchester Cathedral
Every now and then students from Bradford need to get out of Bradford. While there can be found many reasons for this, such as being overwhelmed with studying, or not big enough Primark or lack of Mr Pretzel… but there is one main cause: this city is not really too ekhm… breath-taking. Of course there is a certain charm to Bradford, like for example: free city bus. Within one hour you can get to more modern and vibrant Manchester, where even on a rainy Wednesday evening it will be hard to find free table in restaurant or sober Welshmen in pubs. Encouraged by friends from university I decided to join them on a trip to Manchester! Booked a nice (yes, cheap is the word we googled) hostel and tickets (8£ both ways from Bradford Interchange to Manchester Victoria if you are smart enough to have Rail Card). As we didn’t…
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This Sunday I forced my friend to write some letters with me. She wasn’t too happy about it but I also said I will make dinner for her and one friend afterwards. She became less reluctant when I explained her that the letters are for good cause. Hands up if you ever heard about Letter Writing Marathon organized by Amnesty International? Writing letters to and in behalf of victims of human rights abuses has always been an integral part of actions take up by Amnesty International, since 1961. I have taken personally part in this  action only twice until now, but I hope to do be better in future, first time I was one of the volunteers at the Marathon, when I was a member of Poznań Amnesty International Team, and second time, this year I just went as a normal human being to one of the places in Warsaw,…Continue Reading
2012 and 2013 AI Campaign Education for Dignity
From time to time I am trying to have classes with children at local school, where my mum work, the school is 5min away from my home. Since I came to Poland around 2 months ago I managed to have 3 classes with kids, which is a good score considering that I actually live in Warsaw, 280km away from my village. Anyways, I just recently had classes with kids and it was amazing! How it all started: during my last year at university I was volunteered as human rights educator for Amnesty International’s local group of education in the region Wielkopolska in Poland. I had a 2 days training in Warsaw in the AI headquarters about method called facilitation and human rights, all of this was part of campaign: “Education for Human Dignity”.  I wanted very much to do classes at my local school and after some problems (the campaign…Continue Reading
Taikang Street in Shanghai
Holla mates, general updates! Gonna catch up a bit! We* have been travelling for over 5 weeks now and we hope to squeeze out from our unemployed budgets 2 more weeks before I land for good in Thailand for my volunteer gig. We visited China: Beijing, Xi’an, Nanjing, Shanghai- from there we left to Vietnam that greeted us with corrupted customs officer who scared the shit out of me. We had some stay-in hotel and get-Aleksandra-healthy time in Cho Hi Minh City (to most of you know as Saigon, which is kinda funny coz in Poland when something is really messy or unorganized ppl usually say ‘Jezu Chryste, ale masz Sajgon! Which goes in English: Jesus, what a Saigon u have here)! So  we were in CHMC, went to Da Nang for beach time, Ha Long City for some really bad coffe and much nicer bay, we ended the Vietnamese…Continue Reading
On the boat
One of the main reasons of our long bus drive from Pakse to Don Det was to see the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins. We stayed for some days on Don Det one of the 4000  Islands (Siphandone) a beautiful region on the border of Laos and Cambodia. The whole trip we paid for was a scam and we barely see dolphins- at least not the way I hoped for (jumping in the river, letting me pet them- little white girls dream). But there were a bunch of them swimming in the river and enjoying their time. And then I heard Lao government plans to build a hydroelectric dam  (Don Sahong dam) close to their place in the river. Hold on there Laos, what do you think you are doing? Let me get it correctly: These dolphins are one of the biggest attractions of the region They bring loads of tourists to…Continue Reading
Laos - Bear
The plan was: go to see some cool (yes, both meanings of the word) waterfall. We choose the 32km away from Luang Prabang Kuang Si waterfalls as it was claimed to be the best in the area. And so it was! After horrible car drive uphill with crazy driver (not only it was scary but also I thought I’m gonna vomit all over the crammed van), we go to place filled with usual shabby stands with all kinds of tourist stuff and the usual: stray dogs and skinny cats. As we followed the signs directing to waterfalls we also noticed that there are some signs about bears… we were happy to discover a bear rescue center! It was on its way to waterfalls and had a great platform to enjoy view of very, very laid back bears that were saved from poachers hands. The place was called: Tat Kuang Si…
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Tiger cages
After several days in hotel room, where I was trying to get healthy by eating loads of noodle soups and catching up on facebook (damn you China!) , we decided to go to War Remnants Museum. Astonished by all the social posters on the streets and life-risking road crossings we sweated like hell (humidity in the beginning of September in Vietnam is a b%^) Some people may say it is a dumb idea to punish yourself on holidays with such brutal and disgusting sightseeing. For me it was an obvious place to see in Vietnam. I went to SE Asia to visit exactly these places, because that’s simply interesting for me. Before you go into museum you should definitely visit the outside surroundings, I do not mean here the artillery pieces, that’s like seeing fences in Auschwitz. You should go behind the walls and read the big, descriptive pictures near…Continue Reading
Właściwie to nie wiem, jak i kiedy się to wszystko zaczęło. Miało być jeszcze 9 mięsięcy do wyprawy, potem pół roku, potem trzy miesiące aż nagle przeprowadzka do Polski, pożegnanie z Norwegią, ukochane wakacje w Słowikowie, znowu Norwegia a potem bycie „farmerem”… nagle musimy się pakować, robić ostatnie szczepienia, bookowac bilety do Warszawy, odebrać Eirin z lotniska i wypić ostatnie piwa na Kontenerach w Poznaniu. Następnego dnia lecimy Emirates Airlines do Dubaju i potem do Pekinu. Ni z tąd ni z owąd wszyscy mówią po chińsku, jakieś dziwne znaczki zamiast „naszego alfabetu” i pierwszy raz w życiu ktoś mi wbija pieczątki do paszportu. CHINY. Pierwsze wrażenie to brak pasów w malutkim vanie, który odwoził nas z lotniska do naszego hotelu w dystrykcie Dongcheng w Pekinie. Brak pasów, masa wypadków drogowych i nasz absolutnie – jak na nasze europejskie standardy- szalony kierowca. Samochody wciskające się bez migaczy przed siebie, zmieniające pasy…
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