This blog was originally dedicated to document my backpacking in Asia and then to write about Peace Studies in Bradford where I took my MA in Peace, Conflict and Development. However, as I am about to graduate and because during my time at Uni I have developed a particular interest for animal rights, environmental peacebuilding and wildlife protection I decided to use this blog as a space to write about these topics.

I also publish here my academic writings and thoughts about life in general as I move quite a bit and find it hard to keep my opinions to myself. I have spent the last two years working as support worker in a small charity helping homeless in Bradford and I am also working at the Peace Studies & Int. Development Division at the University of Bradford.

My biggest passion are animals and nature and I hope to combine these interests with my education in International Relations & Peace,Conflict and Development Studies. In the past I have volunteered for Amnesty International, Save the Children and Regional Environmental Centre.

I am one of these pople who work crazy amount of hours and score on personality tests as “The Commander” but melt over cute videos of fluffy animals and secretly want to kill people who eat apples & crisps in public spaces.

I would like to work one day for an organisation that protects animals, nature and links wildlife protection with development of local communities. I believe that people are the biggest enemies of environment and that we will drive this planet to self-destruction if we will not make dramatic changes in our life styles.