The Dirty Dozen!

I cannot believe that  10 months just passed and we have to move out from our lovely dorm. It makes me sad to think that these are last moments in the dorm and for a long while we are not a full house anyways as the Dirty Dozen already went their different ways starting with Claudia in May. I will miss you guys and thank you for a friendly and cheerful atmosphere over the year. I think all of us were surprised how well we got along and what a great group of people we had. Almost everyone from different country and continent, it was an amazing cultural exchange. I will miss the talks we used to have in the evening, playing cards, drinking and cooking. Most of you socialised even more as I tend to spend quite  a lot of time and nights at work.  Just wanted to share with you some of the funniest moments that got captured on pictures. I wish all the best to all of you!

I had the honour of sharing my floor with three lovely ladies, whom I liked dearly, short tribute to them! Come on, girls, smile!

I will start with Claudia as she takes a special place in my heart. I think I can describe our relations by using my underwear. I know, promising. So when you move to a new shared house and you hang your laundry in the first weeks or months u are like, maybe lets not hang the underwear on the air clothing thingy that stands on corridor. Maybe lets hang it in the room. So that’s how it was with me in Claudia, by the time we were through half of second semester I not only did not mind hanging my underwear on the dryer in front of her door, I would actually not mind chatting with her about politics (lol, fine, men) while nicely stretching my tongs and hanging them on the dryer. But that is just life. Claudia is just awesome. She is one of those girls that u see them and u are like, wow pretty face, nice ass no way she is smart. And then she is smarter than anyone else you know, including myself. She is also one of those students that everyone else in class secretly hate cos all the teachers know her by name and are like “Oh Claudia, would you like to add something to this definition of post-Washington consensus”? Well, she is just awesome, tough. Probably the only person on the campus who does not know her name is the warden in the Orchard, but then he is like “oh wait, do you mean the Big Hair?” (waving his hands 1meter above his head, so yes, he also knows who Claudia is). She would be perfect, if not for one thing. Why the fuck does she put potatoes into fresh kale salad? And why does she always burn pots while boiling the stupid potatoes for stupid kale salad? Probably, cos she is always on a hot line with the president of Italy (her mom, duuh). I always like her cos he gets my jokes and her laugh is adorable (loud though).

Iku. I would start with you if you would have shared more of your delicious food with me, but since Japanese don’t wanna really share much (especially personal stories from their lives, very annoying btw, for people like me who love a good gossip). Iku has been busy whole year, so busy she went from making an awesome miso soup from scratch into making an instant one, by simply pouring water into cup full of miso paste. Iku never gets angry (she does get annoyed when there is not enough eggs or chicken for her full of eggs and chicken breakfasts, lunches, brunches, dinners, suppers and desserts). You may have figured out by now that Iku likes chicken and eggs very much. She is usually calm and has keeps herself to well, herself in her own room (that probably nobody ever have seen aside of Iku). But there are some rare moments when she gets very excited ( no, I do not mean you Tom Tom flying as a surprise for her bday) I mean eggs and chicken of course and dinosaurs. I managed to win ONCE with Iku in the dinosaurs memory game.  I like Iku because she goes to sleep really early and she wakes up early without waking me up ( that is my favourite part). And also cos she is down to earth but still the most approachable person ever!

These 10 months were an amazing period of my life, getting back to education, taking the degree I am so interested in, starting a whole new kind of job and finding so many friends and great people. Of course it was not all hugs and smiles, has been through my own stuff as well, figuring out things but always staying positive and going forward. Probably last time ever I lived in a dorm, sharing accommodation with 11 people, overpaying for small room, but also sharing all kind of funny and ridiculous moments with some cool individuals. Living on campus has definitely many merits, especially when you move to new city (in my case, new country as well).

I would recommend The Green accommodation but maybe not for more than a year. You can get a great deal in the city or in surrounding campus areas, not so close to gym or library but probably closer to shops (yes, each one of us sinned with buying too much food in overpriced Sainsbury’s…). You will probably get a bigger room and a better shower and security will not let some drunk people into your building at 5am… (that actually happened). But you might also miss out on the amazing integration and dorm parties! Good luck to all my Humbolt mates ! And hope to see you around, and also thank you for your donations to homeless shelter.