I never thought that by moving to England I will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving Day. Just to be clear: it is an American tradition. How to make it happen? Become an international student and get to know nice students from USA. There is one more and probably the most important condition: the students you know need to know how to cook and be willing to lock themselves for 3 days in a kitchen in order to cook delicious American food! I always thought it is all about burgers and KFC, now I know there is much more to American cuisine! It is about juicy turkey, full of flavour stuffing, delicious corn bread and yummy YUMMY pies! I was not sure what should I be thankful for last Thursday, but after getting stuffed with all the amazing food, I know I am thankful for such nice friends who will use so much time and effort to introduce us to their tradition. I never met people who would put so much effort just so they could celebrate and enjoy their favourite holidays with others. Thank you girls you definitely changed my idea about American cuisine and encouraged to visit USA one day!


Here is the menu:

Roasted Turkey and gravy
Green beans and roasted carrots
cornbread casserole
baked beans
macaroni and cheese
sour cream and garlic mashed potatoes

and for dessert….

Pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting
Apple Pie
Nutella Cheese Cake
Sweet potato fluff

Obviously, “Thanksgiving Day” is not enough of a theme so it was decided that ugly Christmas sweaters had to be worn as well. Primark got rich that day. I bought a sweater with reindeer, it had bells on it so every time I moved I made noise. Love it! I make noise anyways.

I loved the macaroni and cheese (but I already fell in love with it last time, on the international food party at our dorm two weeks ago). It was the first time I ate cornbread casserole and that thing is delicious, I poured gravy all over it ( not sure if that is the way I should have done it?).

There were so many pumpkin cakes! Some of them were more sweet than others, but I enjoyed the spiced flavour. Still thankful I could take two of the pies to the charity where I work and share with others in need.

Pictures shows that the dorm was full of guests, we didn’t have enough chairs, even though we lend from neighbours, thankfully we got the second table from them as well, uff! It would be a challenge otherwise. Also big thanks to friends who helped me clean down after the party (I know I might seemed like I gave direct orders to clean but I knew that deep down in there all of you wanted to grab that vacuum cleaner and the mop and make my living room all shiny, you just needed me to bring out that enthusiasm from you :P).

Big thank you to Ashley, Celest, Andrea and Liz for taking your time and preparing the meals. I know it is hard to find free time when we have to study so much! Everyone were very happy with the food.

What should I do next Thanksgiving Day? 😛