Every time I go to ZOO, SeaWorld or Wildlife Park I ask myself if I should go. The part of me that really loves animals and enjoys watching and learning about them usually wins. Last weekend I went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park and was amazed by the work they do to recreate animals natural habitats. Not many ZOOs or Parks care about captive breeding or the life quality of  animals they keep. But Yorkshire Wildlife Park was different, very progressive and caring, in the same time trying to interest people and children in animals welfare. Whole place was only 5 years “old”, already saved many animals, helped breeding programs and hosts endangered species.

It was also the first time I saw a polar bear, his name was Victor and he just retired from breeding programme in Holland. I am not sure if I really saw him though, as he seemed very unamused laying in the other end of his enclosure. Maybe he will get more lively when other polar bears will arrive (as planned, I could see that vast areas of Park were under reconstruction, preparing places for more polar bears to come- 10 acres for 4 polar bears! Bears will have ponds and waterfalls in their enclosures, pretty much it will be one of the largest reserves for Polar Bears in the world!) He must be a bit lonely being the only Polar Bear in the UK! You poor thing, they are working on getting you more friends! Stay strong! 😉  I hope to come back and see how the Project Polar will evolve! SO the thing ppl need to realise is that it is not about going to see a polar bear only, it is about raising awareness, signing petition, raising money for preservation of polar bears at large. It is more than just taking a picture. Read the signs! Check what the Park has to say about their “Project Polar” and how you can help to save these beautiful animal!. It makes me so sad to think about these poor bears swimming and swimming and swimming… and drowning L because they cannot reach sea ice ( stupid global warming!!! ) World without polar bears would be a sad place to live on. One of the reasons polar bear is my logo is because I care!

While strolling around ZOOs I always wonder if these animals are happy and sometimes I am worried that if they were out free they might have been already dead. That is also the sad truth about our times, people really do not care that so many species are already extinct. Visiting place like Yorkshire Wildlife Park I could only wish all ZOOs would transform into such caring and green places. YWC was awarded many times and is known for its conservation and welfare, this doesn’t surprise me.

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