Every now and then students from Bradford need to get out of Bradford. While there can be found many reasons for this, such as being overwhelmed with studying, or not big enough Primark or lack of Mr Pretzel… but there is one main cause: this city is not really too ekhm… breath-taking.

Of course there is a certain charm to Bradford, like for example: free city bus.

Within one hour you can get to more modern and vibrant Manchester, where even on a rainy Wednesday evening it will be hard to find free table in restaurant or sober Welshmen in pubs.

Encouraged by friends from university I decided to join them on a trip to Manchester! Booked a nice (yes, cheap is the word we googled) hostel and tickets (8£ both ways from Bradford Interchange to Manchester Victoria if you are smart enough to have Rail Card).

As we didn’t plan what we will do, we have obviously spent first hours on gossiping in a cosy pub, checked into a hostel and went around city.

After 6 weeks in post-industrial, “red-light district”, dull Bradford, Manchester was refreshing, modern and felt actually safe. Walking through wide streets surrounded by well maintained buildings, charming cafes and old-english styled pubs took us first through big shopping mall (Arndale). We ended up visiting an impressive Manchester Cathedral where at the time of our visit took place rehearsal for rock concert. So awesome! Cathedral is actually very close to Victoria station and National Football Museum. In Cathedral you can also find many detailed sculptures, stained glass windows and a smell of gothic.

Just for the contrast, we decided to visit the Chinatown of Manchester and ended up a bit disappointed as it was just one street, but at least it had the smell, colours and tastes of Little China!

One of aims was to go for live music in a pub recommended by friend. Pub and concert turned out to be fun but surprisingly overcrowded. Actually, all the places around our hostel were crammed and it took us over an hour to find free table to eat in.

After a sleepless night (how naïve of us to hope for non-snoring individuals in our 10 person- shaky bunk beds – hostel room). But just to be fair, there was at least one person out of 10 who slept well that night and it was my snoring neighbour who did not even open his eyes when I shook his pillow at 1am while loudly whining.  A tip, “Dude, you are snoring like HELL” does not stop your fellow hostel-inmates from snoring. It seems to be in fact an encouragement…

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