My first 2 months in Bradford, 2 more YEARS to go.

Not long ago I have moved from Norway to England, where I am back to being a student! I have started a part-time MA in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies. These 2 last months were intense: I have met many many amazing ppl, especially my flatmates, 11 kind and funny individuals that make my high rent worth paying. I learned my ways around the campus, university and the city. Spent some hours in library, suffered on different fitness classes, enjoyed many great parties and social events, learnt tons of interesting stuff and found two jobs. I like every day I spend here in UK, even though it is not as lovely as Norway, but people are so friendly and polite! I was absolutely shocked the first 10 times strangers called me: “love, darling, honey, duck”. It is an absolute norm here and I love it! Prefer that to Norwegian cold: “DU!” (eng. YOU!).

We learn every day something new, and that’s what I learnt in the last two months, hope some of you guys find it helpful:

Things I learnt during my first 2 months in Bradford:

A. As a student:

  • Get on time to attend lectures, always remember to scan your card (in general, always have your card on you on the campus, because security goes around and checks it)
  • Buy yourself a thermal mug and either make your coffe at home and have it with you or refill from coffe vending machines (Student Central: in front of Costa Coffe, Richmond Building: near the exit to the Richmond Road, in front of all the couches, coffe from machine cost 1£ and is not bad, you can choose how strong can it be)
  • If you are going to visit a friend or family member who studies in another university use SCONUL page to get yourself student card that will allow you to use their library! It really works and it is fast:
  • Post works so amazingly fast in UK! I was amazed how fast my letters got to the recipient, within 24h! Packages as well. So there is a big postbox in the entrance of Richmond Building and the closest Post Office is just one street down from Sainsburys (between Parmesan and Kung Fu). It is enough to put one stamp on a card to UK, 2 on the ones outside UK and write in left top corner; via airmail/par avion, then it should get faster to your country (around 5 working days)
  • University is brilliant! Need a job, help with CV, Cover Letter, Linked In? Go to careers development centre, they organise workshops as well:
  • Buy yourself a padlock at the gym (2,5£) and remember to take towel, sign up for awesome fitness class and die a tiny biti during Body Pump or Boxercise. (140£ for 12 months membership, all time+ fitness classes, 90£ for 12months off peak, without access to fitness classes).
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