After several days in hotel room, where I was trying to get healthy by eating loads of noodle soups and catching up on facebook (damn you China!) , we decided to go to War Remnants Museum.

Astonished by all the social posters on the streets and life-risking road crossings we sweated like hell (humidity in the beginning of September in Vietnam is a b%^)

Some people may say it is a dumb idea to punish yourself on holidays with such brutal and disgusting sightseeing. For me it was an obvious place to see in Vietnam. I went to SE Asia to visit exactly these places, because that’s simply interesting for me.

Before you go into museum you should definitely visit the outside surroundings, I do not mean here the artillery pieces, that’s like seeing fences in Auschwitz. You should go behind the walls and read the big, descriptive pictures near some metal cages… that’s the moment when you realize that these cages are the ‘tiger’ cages. It was surreal and sickening for me to read about inhumane treatment of Viet Cong prisoners.

It was repulsive to read torture descriptions… beating prisoners with pestle, cane, ray-tail whip… well you name it. I thought I saw it all and red about it in Polish history books about German camps, but what a new level of cruelty it was in Vietnam. I could not grasp it. I thought I will have a heart attack when I looked into one of the cells, expecting it to be empty and there was a mannequin in chains, jesus, seriously, I was this close to loose it. I would not survive a single day in such conditions. It was unbearable to visit this place with my broad imagination and level of empathy. In few house I went form choking on my tears, getting nauseous into feeling angry and scared.

Than I went inside and saw pictures. It was purely painful to look at photographs showing war victims and whole special exhibition devoted to documentation of ‘Agent Orange’ (herbicides and defoliants used by US Army).

Another shocking thing kids in the museum. I could not get how can you let a child to see this stuff.

Finally, is this museum a propagandist one Well sure it is, but if you know history on a decent level and have some brains you will get the point.


– open from 730 til 5pm with a break at

– very powerful air con inside, could be useful to take some shawl or shirt.