The plan was: go to see some cool (yes, both meanings of the word) waterfall. We choose the 32km away from Luang Prabang Kuang Si waterfalls as it was claimed to be the best in the area.

And so it was! After horrible car drive uphill with crazy driver (not only it was scary but also I thought I’m gonna vomit all over the crammed van), we go to place filled with usual shabby stands with all kinds of tourist stuff and the usual: stray dogs and skinny cats.

As we followed the signs directing to waterfalls we also noticed that there are some signs about bears… we were happy to discover a bear rescue center! It was on its way to waterfalls and had a great platform to enjoy view of very, very laid back bears that were saved from poachers hands.

The place was called: Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre and was established by Free The Bears Fund Inc. 10 years ago. So far the organization saved 36 bears in Laos and many more in other SE countries. The poor things were captured when they were just little cubs and kept in captivity for purposes of traditional medicine trade. It makes me so sad to know how hard life these poor animals had, but it is good to know that now they are being looked after.

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