Holla mates, general updates!

Gonna catch up a bit! We* have been travelling for over 5 weeks now and we hope to squeeze out from our unemployed budgets 2 more weeks before I land for good in Thailand for my volunteer gig.

We visited China: Beijing, Xi’an, Nanjing, Shanghai- from there we left to Vietnam that greeted us with corrupted customs officer who scared the shit out of me. We had some stay-in hotel and get-Aleksandra-healthy time in Cho Hi Minh City (to most of you know as Saigon, which is kinda funny coz in Poland when something is really messy or unorganized ppl usually say ‘Jezu Chryste, ale masz Sajgon! Which goes in English: Jesus, what a Saigon u have here)! So  we were in CHMC, went to Da Nang for beach time, Ha Long City for some really bad coffe and much nicer bay, we ended the Vietnamese travel in Hanoi hospital, with Eivinds food poisoning.

Flew to Luang Prabang in Laos, which we fell in love with. Beautiful, peaceful and green country with some huggable elephants. In Laos we also went to Vientiane, Pakse and 4000 islands, we choose only one island though, which was Don Det, got to see some irwaddy dolphins! Further on we crossed border to Cambodia, that was one of those experiences that you just want to cry because it is so aweful. Got to some horrible hotel in Phnom Penh and after finally getting some better luck with accommodation we started to explore the capital. Another ‘sweet’ bus trip took us to Siem Reap, where today we visited the Angkor Temples.

That’s what we were doing. We enjoyed it, as well as we are tired of it. There are always ups and downs but the recent 2 weeks were pretty great, aside of border crossings. I hope to soon begin updating this blog, and add the stuff I keep in mind, but it will be a lot about places that inspired me and helped me to make this trip very meaningful.

*By ‘We’ I mean me and my boyfriend, Eivind, the quiet Norwegian of mine, he makes a great travel buddy, until he gets hungry 😛 but I’m the same + I’m a total pain in the ass when I do not get enough sleep. We ain’t perfect!