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Last week a person from the US didn’t believe me that we have bisons in Poland, I had to pull out Wikipedia on my phone to sound believable (oh irony!). In Poland, we call bisons “żubry” (one bison is “żubr”) and Polish people are very proud of them as we have the biggest bison population in Europe. Why am I interested in żubry? They are the largest mammals on the European continent, and the most charismatic representatives of megafauna in Poland, a topic close to my heart! Bisons are considered to be the “umbrella species”, whose well-being also tends to ensure a positive habitat for many other treasured creatures including moose, wolf, and lynx, plus various bird and insect species (Rewilding Europe 2014, Swains 2013). There is fewer European bison than the black rhino in Africa (Swains 2013). Bisons became a symbol of strength in Poland and are very popular, not…Continue Reading
Surely everyone remembers when Cecil the lion was killed by a dentist from the US, or when the Spanish king went on holidays and killed an elephant not to mention Corey, the guy who paid $ 350 000 to kill black Northern rhino. These were all controversial cases where animal rights activists argued with supporters of sport hunting. I decided to analyse the facts and try to understand the explanations given by hunting lobby such as  how hunting contributes to wildlife conservation: presumably, annually in Africa trophy hunting generates revenues of US$200 million (Rademeyer). Commercial trophy hunting is practiced in 14 African nations, the major countries being South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe (Booth, 2010). In this post I will overturn every single argument quoted by trophy hunting supporters and use data and research to back up my claims. Trophy hunting is the killing industry in Africa and it has nothing to do with…Continue Reading
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Virunga is Africa’s oldest National Park and home to amazing animal species that are on the verge of extinction: mountain gorillas and okapi. The park is located across 3 different countries: Uganda, DRC and Rwanda and was designated in 1979 as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. It survived many civil wars, but is now facing even worse threats: oil concessions are covering 85% of its territories (WWF). British company – Soco wanted to extract oil for “scientific purposes”, fortunately WWF filed complaint against and thanks to this big campaign, Soco suspended its actions in Virunga. However, the Congolese government still hasn’t cancelled all permits for oil exploration, which are anyways illegall to start with as it is against the UNESCO’s wildlife protection laws. Moutain gorilla became a national symbol for DRC which increases its chances for survival. Elephants in Virunga Park are in far worst situation: in the last years their numbers dropped…Continue Reading
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Throughout the last decade wildlife became an increasingly important issue on the international agenda. Thanks to movies like “Blood Diamond” , “Gorrilas in the Mist”, or “Lord of Wars” public attention was drawn to problems of animal extinction and distruction of  their natural habitats. However, today’s agenda is focused on sky-rocketing numbers in poaching and increased militarisation of wildlife protection. This post is the first one in an upcoming series on wildlife and its protection as a part of research for my MA dissertation. I grew up on a farm and was always taught to respect nature and animals. Cats, dogs and horses were always very close to my heart because I took care of them since I was little. My dream is to work in an environmental organiastion tthat protects nature and animals from their biggest enemies: People. Time for “Blood Ivory”after the “Blood Diamonds”? This now well-known phrase of…Continue Reading
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  Last year I took a class about Natural Resource Governance and I remembered that when I firstly looked at all the essay questions I was so confused… I had no idea where to start as I was just simply new to this topic. However, one thing I love about learning new things- researching and getting the knowledge!  By the time I finished the essay I knew all about the topic and wanted to know more… That is what I really love about being a student and studying what I am passionate about.  I ended up getting mark with distinction for this essay, however Professor outlined that I should be more critical of using FAO resources, good point and should have taken under consideration how also high gender equality inlfuences management of natural resources. If you want to know more about gender and agriculture, NRG and how climate change can…Continue Reading
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In September all my Uni friends finished their dissertations and moved out of Bradford, without even looking back to see that I am still stuck here for one more year. Who cares I’m still stuck in here, lets just go travel around Middle East or lay behind the pool with the cutest akita dog ever or party hard in cow onesie, while your lame part-time friend is stuck in library. Oh well, to be honest some of the friends tried to be nice and invited me to their country of origin- The Netherlands. That is the part every international student waits for- let other international students invite you to their home country and let you stay for free at their place. Scored! The most important thing you need to know about the Netherlands is that they didn’t invite the cheese slicer. Norwegians did in 1927, but oh well who cares…Continue Reading
Full year in the UK, full of baked beans in tomato sauce, full of “u r alright?” and “cheers”, full of studying and working and RAIN. Full of Bradford. I probably should not judge England based on Bradford, but oh well. Would I go to different Uni if I knew Bradford is this dodgy? NEVER! I have met so many amazing people here and learned so much at the University. There is always something funny about moving to new country and figuring out how things work in here, how people are and what is good to eat. England has been surprising and weird, not sure if I feel like I belong here more than Norway, but in the end- I do not feel like I belong in Poland either. I absolutely love English politeness and the language and how easy it is to make friends (something I missed very much…Continue Reading
Pick your favorite  refugee. Poland will take the Christian ones, Norway prefers homosexuals, Hungary would rather not take any and Sweden takes all. European contest for the best refugee has started, there is so many you can just pick and choose. Especially from the group of 60 000 Syrian and Eritrean refugees waiting in Greece and Italy. During my two weeks of holidays in Poland I have found more articles in newspapers about Islam, Muslims and refugees than ever before in my life. Yes, catholic Kielbasaland is preparing for the worst- accepting the fact that we need to take in some new people into our precious “haters gonna hate” land. If you ask me, it’s only fair that Poland finally takes in few new faces, while being Europe’s production line for cheap labour abroad. This boring country needs some multiculturalism, and less hypocrisy, but Poland are you ready? And what…Continue Reading
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Before I started researching for my essay for Peacekeeping, Peacebuilding and Statebuilding  class I was sure I will be able to prove how statebuilding does not resemble colonialism. I was all idealistic and thinking about how amazing work is being done when Western states go to fragile states and help with smart solutions… Some research later, couple books by Chandler and I was back on right track. So it is all colonialism after all? Well maybe not all of it is this simple, but I was quite drawn into my essay and enjoyed the reseach, probably the writing was a bit less enjoyable. Any thoughts, or comments? I dare you to criticise, I got 70 on this one, so you guys go ahead with compliments. And some “polandball” memes to relax you from heavy reading. Executive Summary The aim of this essay is to analyse the extent to which contemporary…Continue Reading
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The Dirty Dozen! I cannot believe that  10 months just passed and we have to move out from our lovely dorm. It makes me sad to think that these are last moments in the dorm and for a long while we are not a full house anyways as the Dirty Dozen already went their different ways starting with Claudia in May. I will miss you guys and thank you for a friendly and cheerful atmosphere over the year. I think all of us were surprised how well we got along and what a great group of people we had. Almost everyone from different country and continent, it was an amazing cultural exchange. I will miss the talks we used to have in the evening, playing cards, drinking and cooking. Most of you socialised even more as I tend to spend quite  a lot of time and nights at work.  Just…Continue Reading